A visit to the puces

While visiting Paris I wanted to do something a little bit unique. When I heard about the St. Ouen Puces from reading a blog called hip Paris, I thought it would be a perfect place to visit. At first we weren’t sure whether we would make it, given that we were supposed to be leaving the only day it was open while we were there. We ended up going the morning we left, nice and early, which I am so happy for. It was one of my favourite things we did while in Paris.
Getting to the Puces was fun, a whole bunch of booths go up on the main area that hides the actual market so when we got there it was all cheap jeans and fake designer purses. I thought ‘oh no, what have I done’. We found it soon after though. The St. Ouen puces is essentially a flea market, there are tonnes of antiques, vintage clothes and accessories, and old prints and artwork. If I lived in France, I think most of what I owned would come from the puces. Anyhow, Since it was the day before my birthday I decided to let myself buy some things with my birthday money, and here’s what I got.

The St. Ouen puces are a great experience for someone looking for something  different to do while in Paris. Go see for yourself, I can’t wait to go again. We posted some pictures of our visit to the puces (and Montmarte) on our travel blog periscope, perhaps.

above: Vintage Hermes Scarf (1959), unused book of postcards (1800′s), mushroom lithography print (1879)

I love Europe

A week ago I left for Europe and I’m starting to think I never want to leave. It may be the fact that I’ve never really been anywhere else, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been doing some pretty amazing things. One thing is for sure: I love the pace. Other than drivers (Iceland drivers are particularly… fun) people take their time, they enjoy their surroundings. I’m especially loving Paris.

Here’s why:
1. Bread cheese wine- I am eating/drinking this as I type. Not only is it amazing but it’s also cheap. Most food is delicious and affordable.
2. There’s so much to do- there are tonnes of museums, festivals, theaters, unique shops etc. Culture is so ingrained in everything here, it’s valued.
3. It’s beautiful- I am having a hard time not taking photos of EVERYTHING because everything is worth taking pictures of. What should be a fifteen minute walk with a camera takes four times that.

I’ll be posting photos from Iceland and Paris soon. Photo by golancasterpa.


I saw Gus Van Sant’s new film Restless last night at TIFF.

Since it was the premier the cast and crew answered some questions about it afterward.  It was great to hear how it came together and how it was made. Apparently there’s also a completely silent version out there (hopefully it makes it to DVD), which I think would be so beautiful. It doesn’t come out for a few weeks, but when it does, go see it. It’s clever, poignant, and honest. I wonder how many dry eyes were left in the theater after.

fruit seasons

I’ve been wanting to make a seasonal fruit poster (or set) for quite some time. I was reminded of this over breakfast this morning with Monique because she asked me what’s in season right now. I told her my idea for a poster, and wouldn’t you know it, I stumbled upon a seasonal fruit post on Black Eiffel by Claire Nereim (below).







That made me look into other posters on Etsy. I still plan on making one, probably with watercolour and ink (similar to lucileskitchen print, below). Monique wants to do one using cut fruit as stamps which I think is also a great idea.

Feist Metals

Feist’s new album Metals comes out on October 4th and I can’t wait. I’m also hoping to see her in Europe, though the tickets are either 1) sold-out or 2) not on sale yet. Since the site isn’t in English I don’t really know.
I keep hearing How Come You Never Go There on cbc and I really like how mellow it is.
If you haven’t heard it please enjoy.


It’s September and I can’t believe it. It seems everyone is going back to school or work (For all of my friends going back to school, this made me laugh). I leave in 11 days for Europe and there is so much to do, after today I have 5 days of work left. Tonight is a sort of end of the summer party so that Chris and I have a chance to see (hopefully) everyone before we leave. I’m planning on making long island ice teas, wearing a summery skirt and some red lipstick.On another note, on my search for the perfect handbag, I was considering several from Rebecca Minkoff, and now is the perfect time to buy because of the Endless Summer Sale. My favourite is the Main Squeeze Foldover bag which comes in black or white.


Vintage / Retro / Radio / PhotographyI love music. I like listening to it while working, walking, and just hanging out. But sometimes, nothing beats listening to someone talk about something interesting. This is why I love the radio. These days, due to my early work time I rely on podcasts to bring me the programs I love.
Here are some of my favourites:

Q- Hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, “Q is an energetic daily arts, culture and entertainment magazine that takes you on a smart and surprising ride, interviewing personalities and tackling the cultural issues that matter.” I couldn’t have said it better

Age of Persuasion- If you can’t tell from the name, Age of Persuasion discusses Advertising and Marketing. Seeing as I did my undergrad in Media, Information and Technoculture, it’s evident why I like this program. However, everyone who I’ve talked to who has heard it loves it. Terry O’Reilly tells interesting stories about advertising history, explains techniques, gives advice and answers questions.

This American Life- Nobody can take you away like Ira Glass can. He explores different topics every week. Some recent shows have been centered around: the recipe for coke, superintendents, and amusement parks. In an episode, he will usually tell three ‘stories’ about the central theme.

The Current- The current explores different current affairs and world issues. I like it because host Anna-Maria discusses many issues that aren’t necessarily ‘news’ but are still pertinent to many other aspects of life. Topics I’ve heard have included: second hand clothing (how North America gives the rest to Africa), the business of hair, and Manitoba Floods.

Drive- If you want music, this is the best show for it. Drive is meant to get you home but it’s great if you’re looking for new music, or just to hear a nice mix. It doesn’t hurt that it’s hosted by Rich Turfry (Buck 65) who really knows his stuff. Hint: Right after Drive is Canada Live which features a full concert on the radio from different artists every day.

Photo by Cubagallery